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FILAB s.r.l.'s “Mozzarella di Bufala Campana DOP” is produced with whole buffalo milk of checked origin and coming from the herds that guarantee its freshness and genuineness. The firm, characterized by an advanced technology together with an old tradition of dairy production, is present on the market with a variety of products of high quality to satisfy its customers looking for a new taste culture, in the respect of public health.

The buffalo mozzarella has very ancient origins. In Campania, it is produced since 1100. Here, in fact, the mild climate and fertile lands have encouraged the breeding of buffaloes that produce the precious milk from which it is produced.

The etymology of the word “mozzarella” is attributed to “mozza”, from the verb “to truncate” because the final stage of the manufacturing process ends with the truncation of the curd. This cutting operation is made by index finger and thumb to give shape to the product. The term “mozza” in written form appears for the first time in XII century in a document found in the Episcopal Archive of Capua (Caserta province - Italy); the term “mozzarella” appears for the first time in 1570 in a kitchen book by Bartolomeo Scappi, one of papal court chefs.

FILAB s.r.l. produces Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese, only with fresh buffalo milk, in the following sizes:

•         Ciliegina o Cardinalino (Buffalo Cardinal Mozzarella Cheese)

•         Bocconcino (Buffalo Tidbit Mozzarella Cheese)

•         Boccone (Buffalo Bite Mozzarella Cheese)

•         Mozzarella (Buffalo Mozzarella Cheese)

•         Aversana (Buffalo Big Mozzarella Cheese)

•         Zizzona (Buffalo Very Big Mozzarella Cheese)

•         Treccia (Buffalo Braided Mozzarella Cheese)

•         Mozzarella affumicata o Provola (Buffalo Smocked Mozzarella Cheese)


Moreover, FILAB s.r.l. produces fresh and homogenized Buffalo Ricotta Cheese. And Buffalo Burrata and Buffalo Scamorza are available.

The main brands

The main brands of FILAB s.r.l. are the following:

  • Filabella
  • Bufalè
  • La Saporosa
  • Alburna
  • Antica Bufalara


FILAB s.r.l.

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